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Tink 28


Kit is modeling Tink.

This set includes the mini-dress, boxer shorts, thigh high socks, tin purse, necklace, bracelet, scarf and a reversable tank top.*

The necklace and bracelet are made from glass beads.  The necklace closes with a magnetic clasp, the bracelet closes with a barrel (screw style) clasp.

The loosely woven scarf can be used as a head wrap, a shawl or a belt.  It will make a great accessory to any outfit.

The boxer shorts are too cute to keep hidden under the dress, so this outfit includes a reversable tank top. 

The tank top and dress close with snaps.  The boxers have an elastic waist.  All of the seams are finished, most are totally enclosed with possible.


*Kit, her shoes and her sandals are not included. 




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