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Pattern Samples 2

Simplicity Pattern #1087


Back view


Mix and Match and Reverse!

Reversible skirts, shrugs and 4-in-1 tank top give you 2 completely different looks from 1 outfit.

4-in-1 tank top can be worn with the laces in the front or the back and turned inside out.

Reversible shrugs,

and reversible skirts.

Turn them inside out and go from this:

To this:

And from this:

To this:




Lace wrist cuffs

Gaiters and Spats.

Do you know the difference between gaiters and spats?

I thought they were the same thing, until I did some research.  Both were designed to protect your shoes, socks, pants and legs but spats only cover the foot and ankle while gaiters go all the way up to the knee.