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How to lace a corset

How to... Lace a Corset

So... now that you have a lace-up top, I bet your wondering how to get all those pretty X's all the way down the front.

Well, here's how you do it:

 First, you have to decide if you want the bow at the top or the bottom. I like the bow at the bottom so I'll start lacing from the top.

Draw both ends of the ribbon up through the top holes. Adjust both ends of the ribbon so they are the same length.


Take one side of the ribbon and cross it over diagonally to the next hole. Thread the ribbon DOWN this hole.

 Now, take the ribbon straight across to the next hole...


 ... and bring it UP through that hole.


 The first half of the X is done. If the ribbon has any twists in it, straighten it out now. Set this ribbon aside until later.


 Take the other end of the ribbon and go across diagonally to the next hole and thread the ribbon DOWN this hole. (Yes, both ends of the ribbon will be going through this hole.)


 Then go straight across and bring the ribbon UP.  (Yes, there will be 2 ribbons in this hole, too.)


Fix any twists in the ribbon, gently pull the laces so they are snug and adjust both ends, to make sure they are still the same length. 

The first X is complete.


 Continue threading the ribbon, Diagonally and DOWN. Across and UP. And repeat with the other piece of the ribbon.


 Diagonal and down. Across and up. Fix any twists in the ribbons and gently pull them so they are snug.


And do it again...

 ...and again. When you get to the end, adjust all the X's so they look pretty.

Next comes the hardest part...

 ... tie a pretty bow. (Yes, that's the hardest part for me!)




 Pretty laces.


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