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Flutter By 22

Flutter By

Nicki is modeling Flutter By.

This set includes the mini-dress, boxer shorts, shawl, thigh high socks, purse, necklace, bracelet, and a hair clip.*

The  necklace and bracelet are made with purple and lavender faceted glass beads and gold glass pearls.  The necklace closes with a magnetic clasp and the braclet is elastic.

The triangular shaped shawl is made from a flannel backed satin and is warm and cozy on chilly summer evenings.  The tips of the shawl have been embellished with beads that match the jewlery. 

Fashion tip:To give the illusion of the bolero jacket shown in the first picture, wrap the shawl around your doll's shoulders, tuck the points of the shawl under her arms and tie the ends loosely behind her back, under the back of the shawl.  From the back, it will look like she is wearing a shawl but from the front it will look like a jacket.

The purse is reversable, with a button and loop closure.  The pretty butterfly hair clip adds the perfect finishing touch.

The dress closes with snaps and the boxers have an elastic waist.  All of the seams are finished and totally enclosed when possible. 

(Note:  There are 2 small areas on the hem of the shawl that aren't as perfect as I think they should be.  It in no way effects the appearance or the durability of the outfit but I felt it was worth mentioning.  The price of the outfit has been adjusted to take this into account.)

*Nicki and her shoes are not included.





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