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I've been a quilter for over 20 years.  I enjoy coordinating colors, textures and patterns.   I try to incorporate that knowledge into my doll clothes designs.

I like clothes that are nicely finished.  I use French and flat felled seams whenever possible.  That means the cut edges of the fabrics are completely hidden.  When French and felled seams aren't possible, I use a serger, a zigzag stitch and other techniques to finish the edges.  I try to make the inside of my clothes very neat and tidy. 

A skirt with pockets, turned inside out.

I enjoy many crafts and I prefer good quality supplies.  I like things that feel nice in my hands.   Quality fabrics, glass and stone beads, shell buttons, soft lace, silky ribbons... These things make me happy and I use them on the things I create.  Premium supplies may cost more but the end result is well worth the expense.

Most of my doll clothes are my own designs and patterns.  Many have been inspired by clothes for people.  I enjoy the challenge of transforming an idea, into something my dolls can wear.

I pre-wash all washable fabrics (with unscented detergent) and I test drive most of the fabrics, clothes and accessories on my own dolls for at least 2 weeks before I will sell them.  If something is going to stain a doll, I want it to stain my doll and not yours.  (Some fabrics may still stain so I recommend checking your dolls periodically.) 

I use glass beads, crystals and semi-precious stones for my jewelry and I make my doll jewelry with the same techniques used for people jewelry.

I like to use 2 part grommets instead of 1-part metal eyelets for my lace-up tops.  Grommets are more expensive but I believe they are worth the price.  The back side is smoother and looks nicer and they rarely pull loose.

I use an assortment of closure techniques, including buttons and button holes, snaps, zippers, hooks, elastic, ties and lacing.  Occasionally I will use Velcro but I'm not really a fan. 

I am more comfortable with a needle and thread then I am with glue so I sew as much as I can and I glue very little.

I hate sewing knit fabric so I buy pre-made t-shirts from doll stores.  My favorite place to shop:

Dare to be different!

I have a smoke free, cat friendly home.  All items are thoroughly cleaned prior to shipping, however, if you have allergies, you may wish to shop elsewhere.

My designs are meant for adult collectors only.  Some items contain embellishments or accessories that may not be suitable for children. 

 I make every effort to create quality products that you will truly enjoy.  If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please let me know.

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