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Pirate Julie




Julie is wearing a peasant blouse, bandana and hair jewels, just like Sam's.  Click the picture on the left for details.

If your wondering, yes, I have a lot of fun mixing and matching all of these pieces!




The tutu is finished with a pink edging.  It has an elastic waist.


 Squeak is modeling the same vest that Julie is wearing.  It's black on one side and pink on the other.  The lace trimmed shoulders straps are attached with grommets and laces and can be removed. 


 For a halter style top, remove the shoulder straps and thread ribbons through the 2 front grommets and tie them behind her neck.

OR try using one long ribbon and lace the front and back together over the tops of her shoulders.  Criss cross the ribbons in the back.  Tie a pretty bow or tuck the ends of the laces into her top.  Play around and have fun!  Once you start palying with grommets and laces, you will be addicted!


Stretchy leggings are easy to pull on.


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