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Pirate Ginger



Ginger is wearing a floral print shift, an eyelet overskirt, waist cincher and leggings.


 The gathered upper arms (its elastic) and tapered sleeve cuffs of this shift give it an old world charm while the above the knee length give it a modern twist.   It has an elastic neck and is easy to pull on.  (Ginger likes to put it on feet first so it doesn't muss her hair!)

The tiny holes in the eyelet skirt lets the under layer peak through.  It has an elastic waist.  You can wear it over the shift or with an underskirt or if your daring, wear it just with leggings.


The reversible waist cincher will come with pink and yellow lacing ribbons.

The hot pink leggings have bright yellow dots.  They are very stretchy and easy to pull on.


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