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Kit's outfit


 Reversible vest: Black and white on one side, purple on the other.  This vest closes with a giant hook.  (The hook is kind of difficult to close when the purple side is facing.)


 Reversible skirt: Black lace peaks out of the bottom of the black and white side.  Turn it inside out, and the lace becomes a feature.  It has an elastic waist.


 Peasant Blouse with belt:  Put this blouse on feet first and adjust the draw strings in the neck.  It has soft black lace and elastic on the wrists.  Cinch in the waist with the black velvet belt.  Hematite beads dangle from the draw string. (Note: The drawstings sometimes are a little crabby.  They are easy to pull tight but they occasionally put up a fight when you want to loosen them  A young child may need some help but an older child or an adult shouldn't have any problems.)

 Black Camisole: I bought this black camisole from Jimminee's. 


 Choker and bracelet:  Black velvet choker and matching bracelet feature pretty butterflies.  Both close with snaps.


 Hat:  This bowler is decorated with lots of dark purple tulle.  (Don't believe the color in the pictures!  My camera hates tulle... and purple!  It is actually dark purple, like the vest.)  The hat is made from some unkown pressed paper type product and the tulle has been sewn on by hand.

 Lace Stockings: White lacey thigh-high stockings.


Jess's outfit

 Lace-up top: The sweetheart neckline and contoured waist give this top classic elegance.  Learn how to lace your top with all those pretty Xs at How to Lace a Corset


 Reversible skirt: This skirt has a lace overlay on one side.  Turn it inside out and the lace becomes a pretty pettycoat.

 2 Hairclips:  Plastic skull beads and pony beads dangle from satin cords and are attached to easy to use hair claws.  This set includes 2 of these hair clips.

 Scarf:  this scarf is made from ribbons and mettalic threads that are loosely woven.  The fringe is hand knotted.

 Necklace: This is a mighty fine skull and crossbones!  The chain has a toggle closure. 

 Lace stockings:  These lace stockings have a very interesting pattern.