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Samantha's outfit

 Vest: This vest is cut to fit the chubbiest dolls, it closes with an elastic loop, for a perfect fit.

 Peasant Blouse: Put this blouse on feet first and adjust the draw strings.  It can be worn low on the shoulders or up close to the neck.  It has ruffles, soft purple lace and elastic at the wrist.  It comes with a purple velvet belt.  (Note: The drawstings sometimes are a little crabby.  They are easy to pull tight but they occasionally put up a fight when you want to loosen them  A young child may need some help but an older child or an adult shouldn't have any problems.)

 Skirt: This pleated safety pin skirt has a little more room in the butt to accomodate your chubbiest dolls.


 Choker and bracelet: Matching velvet choker and bracelet are embellished with clear Swarovski crystals* in a filagree setting.  They close with snaps.   They are a bit snug on my chubby PM Samantha but not too difficult to get on.  (Note* These are genuine crystals.  They may contain trace amounts of lead and may not be suitable for young children.)

 Fishnet Stockings: These fishnet stockings are topped with white lace and are cut just a little bit bigger so they are easy to slip on those chubby legs.



Felicity's outfit


 Vest w/reversible stomacher This vest has been cut a little large so it will accomodate the chubbiest dolls and the laces give it a perfect fit.  The reversible stomacher has grommets near the top and is held in place with the laces.  Or you can wear the vest over a blouse or t-shirt.

 Skirt: Pleated safety pin skirt with extra room in the butt.

 Necklace: This pretty cameo dangles from a satin cord and closes with a magnetic clasp.


 Hat: Photos just don't do this top hat justice.  (My camera hates tulle.)  It has lots and lots of tulle that has been hand stitched around the crown with a large pouf in the back and a long, waist length veil. 

 Lace Stockings:  These lace stockings have a very interesting pattern.  They are a little larger then my other stockings so they are easier to slip on chubby legs.