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Nicki's outfit

 T-shirt:  I bought this purple cap sleeve t-shirt from Jimminee's and added the fleur de lis iron-on.  The shirt closes in the back with snaps.

 Skirt:  Elastic wasit skirt with 2 pleats and purple safety pins.

 Belt:  The purple velvet belt has a silver buckle, encased with shiny clear glass crystals.

 Socks:  The color in these lace textured lavender socks seem to be a bit splotchy, so I've reduced their price from $3 to $1.


Mia's outfit

 T-shirt: This is a lavender cap sleeve t-shirt from Jimminee's.  I've added a different fleur de lis iron-on.  It also closes with snaps.

 Skirt:  Another pleated safety pin skirt with an elastic waist.   

 Belt: A black velvet belt, this one has an oval jewel encrusted buckle.

 Socks and purse: This set is really glittery!  It will definately dress up your outfit.



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