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First Mate Mia


First Mate Mia the Mauler 


The Vest

The vest laces up the front and has a small stand-up collar.

Note:  Dry clean only.

The Overskirt with Skirt Lifters

The skirt has an elastic waist with a drop-front yolk.  The yolk gives a smooth fit around the waist and fullness at the hips.  Attached toggles hold the skirt up and out of the way while you attend to your pirate-y duties.  Undo the toggles to drop the skirt down for those dressy occasions.  Chubby dolls may need to wiggle a bit to get this skirt over hips and bum.

Note: For easier dressing, put the skirt on first then slip the bloomers on under the skirt..


Peasant blouse:  Crisp and white, this blouse has elastic at the arms and neck and fits wide across the shoulders.  Easily slips on feet first.

Crisp, white bloomers come just below the knees with lots of gathered lace.  Elastic waist and legs. 


Sash: Striped sash can be worn as a belt, head wrap or scarf.

Hair Jewels: An assortment of shells, wood, glass, metal, semi-precious stones and resin skull beads are attached to a snap-style hair clip.

The hat:  This hat started life as a derby and was reshaped into a tricorn.  The edges of the brim are edged in white trim.  A plume of feathers and a tiny cameo finish the look.

The key:  Unlock your treasure chest with this key.  It dangles from an organza ribbon, that closes with a lobster claw clasp with an adjustable chain.  Its shown wrapped around her neck twice but it can also be worn long or even as a belt.



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