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 T-shirt: I purchased this t-shirt from and added the pink girly skull and crossbones iron-on.  The snaps were a little loose so I stitched them on tighter for you.

 Skirt:  This one-of-a-kind skirt has 2 pink pleats in the front that are highlighted with hot pink safety pins.  A really fun and edgy piece to add to your wardrobe.  It has an elastic waist for an easy fit.

 Thigh high socks:  These pink, grey and black striped socks round out the punk cheerleader look of this outfit.

 Hair clips:  Tired of plain pink hair bows?  These bows have been punked up with skull buttons! The bows are stitched by hand to easy-to-use snap style hair clips. 

Mari and her shoes are not for sale.


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