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Cap'n Lissie the Red


Cap'n Lissie the Red

Cap'n Lissie's hat is not for sale.


Corset and Add-a-Bustle


 Corset and Add-a-Bustle:  A 2 piece set made up of a matching corset and bustle.  The corset laces up the back and is a bit snug and my very plump Felicity.  (The nice thing about laces is that it will fit everyone.)  The shoulder straps tie in the front, a fun and functional accent.  The straps can be adjusted to fit over all typse of blouses.  The pleated bustle dresses up any outfit.  It has ties for a perfect fit. 

Overskirt with attached skirt lifters

Overskirt with attached skirt lifters:  Its hard to attend to your pirate-y duties when your tripping over your skirt!  The attached toggels hike your skirt up and out of the way so you can buckle your swashes or swab the deck without your skirt getting in the way!  The skirt has an elastic waist with a drop-front yoke.  The yoke gives a slender fit around the belly.  My plump Felicity needs to wiggle a little to get this skirt up over her hips and bum.

Tip:  For easier dressing, put the overskirt on first and then slide the pettycoat up underneath.


Blouse:  This blouse has elastic at the wrists and closes with laces thread through tiny eyelets.  The ends of the ribbon have been stiffened so they are eaiser to thread but young children may need adult help.

Petticoat:  Elastic waist petticoat has pleats for a smooth, flattering fit around the waist, while offering a lot of fullness around the bottom.


Hair Jewels:  An assortment of shells, wood, glass, metal and semi-precious stone beads, attached to a hair clip.  To hide the clip, lift up the top layer of hair and clip the jewels underneath.



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