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Lani's outfit


 Bolero Jacket:  Reversible bolero jacket closes with a hook at the neck.  Or for a completely different look, leave it unhooked and fold back the lapels and cuff the sleeves.

 Tank Top:  Reversible tank top has stripes on one side and is yellow on the other.  It closes in the back with snaps.  (Note: The black stripes can be seen through the fabric on the yellow side.)

 Skirt: This reversible skirt turns from sweet to sassy in instant!  The stipes have been carefully cut and pieced together so they line up to make perfect chevrons on both front. back and sides.  The pretty white overlay adds a sweet touch but becomes a sassy little pettycoat when turned inside out.  The skirt has an elastic waist with a little button to let you know which side is the front.

 Lace stocking:  Thigh-high lace stockings.


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