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 jacket-  This jacket is trimmed on the bottom with black lace.  You can't tell in the photos, but the heart fabric has lots of sparkles.  (This jacket does not close in the front.) 

 sleeveless T-shirt -  I bought this shirt at Jiminee's and added the heart decoration.

 pants -   Black with white and tiny silver pinstripes (can't really see the silver in the photos.)  These pants have a very slim fit (your girl will have to wiggle a bit to get them on!)   They are mid-rise with a flat front and just enough elastic in the back to give them a perfect fit without looking baggy (the back has a slightly relaxed fit and is designed to keep your girl covered when she sits or bends.)  The skinny legs are hemmed a little long to give them a slouchy look (and I would rather have my pants too long then too short!)  

*Ginger measures 12 1/2" around her bum.  These pants will not fit my chubby PM dolls.  Please let me know if you have questions about the size or if would like a larger pair for a PM doll.  (A larger size may be easier for younger children to put on.) 

 boa-  Hot pink boa is crocheted from furry yarn.


Ginger and her shoes are not for sale. 



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